Sunday Morning Math Games!

This Spring (2021) the SMMG will stand for Sunday Morning Math Games! Every other Sunday, we'll post a super fun math game and ask questions about it! If you have an answer to any of the questions we ask, you can either make a video of yourself explaining the answer and send it to us, or you can email us your answer at

We will also have an SMMG Discord where, every other Sunday at noon, you will be able to ask volunteers questions about math and the games! If you want to join the SMMG Discord, or you can email us at with your first name and what school you go to and we will send you an invite link!


SMMG – Game 1

Title: Two-pile Nim

Volunteer Office Hours: September 13, 2020, 12-2pm on Discord!

Game Link /


  1. Is it better to go first, second, or does it not matter?
  2. Is there a strategy you can follow such that you will never lose? (Hint: try with a single object in each pile, then increase the number.)
  3. If the piles started with a different number of objects would your strategy change?