Current Videos (2012 and on)

Unfortunately, the due to technological issues SMMG does not record current sessions. Some past sessions are available here. Just look for the section labeled "SMMG." You'll be able to find our videos optimized for various types of access including Flash for web viewing, iPhones, iPods, iPads, Android devices, and audio-only versions as well.

Past Videos (2011 and prior)

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Past videos are hosted on the SMMG site and available in a single format only.


"Spatial reasoning via 2D and 3D solids" with Dr. Samuel Obara, The University of Texas
November 12, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"OXHZAF! Symmetries in the plane and wallpaper patterns" with Alice Mark, The University of Texas
November 6, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Flip a coin and search the web: a Google approach to web search" with Dr. Eduardo C. Balreira, Trinity University
October 22, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Edges, vertices, and a splash of color" with Karin Knudson, The University of Texas
October 2, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Circuits and paths: bridging our understanding with graphs" with Dr. Brandy Guntel, The University of Texas
September 24, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Infinitely many mathematicians walk into a coffee shop..." with Sam Ballas, The University of Texas
September 11, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"What are the chances? Clear vision in the fog of probabilities" with Dr. Michael Starbird, The University of Texas
August 27, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Pixelated Pictures: The Mathematics of Image Processing" with Christina Frederick, The University of Texas
May 1, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Sudoku Puzzles: Can you solve it?" with Dr. Anna C. Gilbert, The University of Michigan
April 16, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"T/F: True/False or Twitter/Facebook? The Mathematics of Social Circuits" with Dr. Robert Ghrist, The University of Pennsylvania
March 26, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"How to escape from Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Sue in three dimensions" with Eric Staron, University of Texas at Austin
February 27, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"From size to the structure of shapes" with Dr. David Auckly, MSRI
February 12, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Parity: It's even odd!" with Nick Rauh
January 30, 2011: (Parts I and Part II)

"Strategy Games: Finding an advantage in Connect Four and the game of Hex," with Dr. Michael B. Henry
January 22, 2011: (One Part)


"Twisting string with fractions", with Dr. Altha Rodin
November 6th, 2010: ( Part I, Part II)

"How do you group it?", with Allison Moore
October 24, 2010: ( One Part)

"The Fourth Dimension", with Dr. Mike Starbird
October 9, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"A game interrupted/Friends and Enemies", with Dr. Edward Odell
September 18, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Dynamics: Wild behavior in Simple Models of the world", with Dr. Jason Mireles-James
April 17, 2010: (Part I,Part II)

"Voronoi Diagrams: Fencing out your neighbors", with Andrew Gillette
April 11, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Arbitrage", with Dr. Gerard Brunick
March 27, 2010: (Part I, Part II

"What to do when there is Too Much Information", with Ruth Wunderlich
March 7, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Polynomial Differencing Games", with Dr. Philip Yasskin
February 27, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Fun with Knots and Tangles", with Neil Hoffman
February 14, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"The Mathematics of Dance", with Dr. Shel Swenson
January 30, 2010: (Part I, Part II)


"Keeping Secrets: From Ancient Egypt to Modern Cryptography", with Dr. Michael B. Henry
November 14, 2009: (Part I, Part II, Part III)

"Filters and Social Choice", with David Jensen
October 18, 2009: (Part I, Part II)

"Easy, Hard, Impossible", with Dr. Elaine Rich
October 3, 2009: (Part I,Part II)

"Not Just a Knot", with Dr. Jennifer Mann
April 4, 2009: (One Part)

"Coloring Knots", with Brandy Guntel
March 29, 2009: (Part I, Part II)


"Dottier and Boxier", with Dr. Daniel Allcock
November 15, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"Geometric Gems", with Dr. Mike Starbird
October 11, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"Fish, Statistics, and Entropy", with Dr. John Stanton
April 26, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"What Do Mathematicians Play With?", with Dr. Ted Mahavier
March 22, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"The Mathematics of Juggling", with Dr. Henry Segerman
February 23, 2008: (Part I,Part II)

"Making Up Numbers: The Art of the Cheat", with Dr. Fernando Rodriguez Villegas
January 19, 2008 (Full screen capable)


"Math and Criminology", with Dr. Kim Rossmo
Warning: Contains references to violent crimes.
December 1, 2007:

"To Infinity, and Beyond!", with Dr. Michael Starbird.
October 13th, 2007:
In the second half, we played a game called Dodge Ball, for which you will need a copy of the game board.

"How Machines Learn: From robot soccer to autonomous traffic", with Dr. Peter Stone.
September 15th, 2007:

You can also download the power point presentations: To see the videos featured in the presentation go to Dr. Stone's website.

SMMG would like to give special thanks to the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assesment , especially Mike De Leon for teaching us how to use the equipment and editing the videos.