Texas Analysis and Mathematical Physics Symposium 2014

UT AUSTIN - Nov 21-23

Contributed Talks

Each talk will be 20 minutes long and there is a five-minute break between talks.

Session 1: Analysis and Math Physics in RLM 5.116

14:45pm Ngoc Do On the genericity of non-degenerate spectral edges
15:10pm Milivoje Lukic Quantum Dynamics of Periodic and Limit-Periodic Jacobi and block Jacobi Matrices with Applications to Some Quantum Many Body Problems
15:35pm Darren Ong Generalized Prufer variables for perturbations of Jacobi and CMV operators
16:00pm Rajinder Mavi Localization in the non-monotonic Anderson model
16:25pm Tracy Weyand Critical Points in the Spectra of Infinite Periodic Graphs
16:50pm Jon Harrison n-particle quantum statistics on graphs

Session 2: Analysis and PDE in RLM 5.118

14:45pm Younghun Hong On fractional nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations in Sobolev spaces
15:10pm Dana Mendelson Symplectic non-squeezing for the cubic nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation on T^3
15:35pm Kenneth Taliaferro Low Regularity Uniqueness of Solutions to the Gross-Pitaevskii Hierarchy
16:00pm Yannick Sire KAM theory for infinite-dimensonal systems
16:25pm Maja Taskovic On summability of moments for the Boltzmann equation without Grad's cutoff.

Session 3: Applied Math and Math Physics in RLM 5.120

14:45pm Vladimir Dragovic Algebro-geometric approach to the Schlesinger equations and the Poncelet polygons
15:10pm Sergey Dyachenko Finding the Stokes wave: From Low Steepness to Almost Limiting Wave
15:35pm Alexey Sukhinin Modeling and simulations of two-colored filaments
16:00pm Rishika Rupam The Toeplitz kernel approach in inverse spectral theory of differential operators
16:25pm Baofeng Feng General soliton solution to a vector NLS equation
16:50pm Yongxin Jiang Lyapunov functions for general nonuniform trichotomy with different growth rates

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