Barcodes in Tcl/Tk

If you have the Tcl Plugin installed on your browser then a picture will appear below which draws barcodes. Enter a 12-digit UPC or 13-digit EAN code on the entry box and hit return to get the barcode. I got the specifications from Barcode Island, which is a site with lots of information on barcodes. For information on the cuecat visit Cuecat Resources.

The barcode is better viewed online by making the barcode twice as long. To print standard sized barcodes, you'll have to adjust the source code.

You can download the Tcl/Tk source text for the example by right-clicking here. The program has an option for producing postscript pictures of the barcode (under Linux) which is commented out for the web version. If you don't have Tcl/Tk and are using a Windows machine, here is an executable version of the same program.

Part of this barcode program has now been incorporated into PgAccess. Links to other barcode software can be found here.

I recently gave a talk at the saturday morning math group on barcodes. Here are the slides. An earlier version in pdf format and the actual presentation in powerpoint, the latter courtesy of my daughter. Also, you can download the program I was used to calculate with the error-correcting code given as an example in the lecture. As a Tcl script or as a Windows executable.

Other programs.

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April 22nd, 2002.