tickle blet

Blet, a mathematical puzzle in Tcl/Tk

If you have the Tcl Plugin installed on your browser then you can play Blet here.

Android apk written in Python (needs SL4A and Python, which you will be prompted to install).

Clicking in the middle of a pattern 010 changes it to 101 and vice-versa. The objective is to maximize the number of 1's.

If you want to play the game offline on your computer or you don't have Tcl/Tk or the plugin, you can download a Windows executable here.

You can download the Tcl/Tk source text for the game by right-clicking here. A version that does simulated annealing but doesn't work with the plugin is available by right-clicking here.

Blet is listed among the expert puzzles in the PuzzleUp website. They designed the above logo for Blet. It is also one of the puzzles in Gtkboard.

Other puzzles.

Some explanation about the origin of Blet can be found in Villegas's site. The word blet is a nonsense word coined by Malena Villegas, but it turns out that there is a town in France called Blet. We have also a paper on the math behind Blet, a modified version of which has appeared in the American Mathematical Monthly.

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