Felipe Voloch Course Notes

This page contain links to my course notes, listed below. These notes were taken by students and then edited by me. They are still rough in places and comments are welcome. Thanks to all the many students who took the original notes.
I have separate pages for old preprints (2004-2015) and older preprints (1993-2003).
My papers before 1993 are unfortunately not available as preprints, some are available on a separate page as scans.
Some of my older papers are also available online, e.g. at the Gottingen Digital Library, Numdam or, if you have access, JSTOR.
I have moved and won't be posting newer preprints here at UT any more. Look for new stuff on the ArXiv.

  1. Elliptic curves and modular curves. pdf file pdf. Course page

  2. Diophantine Geometry pdf file pdf. Course page

  3. Algorithms for finite fields pdf file pdf. Course page

  4. Algebraic Number Theory pdf file pdf. Course page

  5. Exponential sums pdf file pdf. Course page

  6. Equations over finite fields. pdf file pdf. Course page

Additionally, I have Notes (in Portuguese) from a course on error correcting codes I gave at the 16th Brazilian Mathematical Colloquium in 1987.