Tcl/Tk programs by Felipe Voloch

I have been learning the Tcl programming language and enjoying it immensely. I am making available some programs I wrote here. Tcl is a interpreted language so the programs are just text files that you can download and run if you have the Tcl interpreter, which is available for free at the above link. Linux usually already has Tcl/Tk installed and for Mac OS X, Tcl is installed, and for Tk/Wish see here. There is a Tcl Plugin that you can install on your browser and view the programs as Tclets on a web page. It is again available for Linux and Windows. The web page of each program will have instructions so you may want to check it out even if you don't have the plugin. Finally, I made some programs into standalone Windows executable files using the wonderful program Freewrap.

Warning: you may need to right-click on the source file links to download if you have the plug-in installed.


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You can use these programs for free but they remain my copyright. Blet is copyright by F. Rodriguez Villegas, L. Sadun and J. F. Voloch.

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