Maxima for Symbolic Computation Program

The offical homepage for Maxima is located at This page is no longer maintained.

Maxima is a Common Lisp implementation of MIT's Macsyma system for computer based algebra. Maxima is now about to be released under the GNU Public License. I have maintained and extended Maxima for the last 15 years, but have only recently received formal permission from DOE, to release this under GPL as a derivative work. This formalizes earlier opinions from DOE. You can look testdrive Maxima under NetMath over the network, by going to NetMath


The Windows version is essentially the same as xmaxima available in the Unix version under x windows. It incorporates a small web browser (netmath) into the maxima display. So pages of sample calculations can be stored in web form, and the input simply edited. Computations of maxima, and plots are done locally, but the computations using some other systems are done remotely. To submit new code please follow guidelines See here for using the above maxima as a lisp. William F. Schelter (wfs@math . utexas. edu)
Building Maxima on Unix
There is a compiled version for linux, in the directory. I will update that version someday. There are rpms for redhat and .deb files for debian, found with the usual rpmfind and debian search methods. The source is now under cvs (or see here and you can download various versions, including any changes. We will still put tar releases of the sources in the ftp directories. You may also get a snapshots of documentation and source: