Yuqing (Frank) Lin

I am currently a graduate student of mathematics at UT Austin. My research interests are in in ergodic theory and dynamical systems, especially in sofic entropy and infinite dimensional smooth ergodic theory. My advisor is Lewis Bowen.

Office: RLM 12.120
Fall 2019 Office hours: TTH 2:00pm-3:30pm
E-mail: ylin [at] math.utexas.edu


Selected Lecture notes

Here you can find a selection of handwritten notes I took for some of my classes. These notes are not complete and I sometimes paraphrased, shortened or changed parts of the notes. Personal comments are written in grey.

  • Diffusion processes held by Luis Caffarelli in Spring 2018
  • Fluid dynamics being held by Alexis Vasseur in Spring 2019
  • Mathematical Physics held by Thomas Chen in Fall 2017
  • PDE 1 held by Alexis Vasseur in Fall 2017
  • PDE 2 held by NataÅ¡a Pavlović in Spring 2017
  • Application of QFT to Geometry held by Andy Neitzke in Fall 2017
  • Problem class notes

    You can find problem class material for the respective classes listed below.

  • M427 J (Differential Equations+Linear Algebra) Spring 2019
  • M340 L (Linear Algebra+Matrix Calculus) Fall 2019
  • Additional material

    Over the years, I gave seminar talks on several topics where I worked out the details of some papers. The notes and slides may contain minor mistakes but should provide the general idea.

  • Positive part of Onsager's conjecture based on this paper by Cheskidov, Constantin, Friedlander, Shvydkoy.
  • Derivation of the Quantum Boltzmann equation based on this paper by Erdős, Salmhofer, Yau.
  • Geometric topology based on this paper by Lewin.
  • Stability of materials under the influence of periodic potentials
  • Intro to scattering theory, based on a course I gave in summer 2018


  • My bachelor's thesis at KIT under supervision of D. Hundertmark and J. Schmalian
  • My master's thesis at KIT under supervision of D. Hundertmark and J. Schmalian