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Unix/Linux: Installation and configuration of WebCalendar on a unix platform requires a qualified system administrator or an experienced webmaster with super-user priviledge. The individual installing the software should also be familiar with webserver configuration and some knowledge of perl programming.

The distribution comes with an installation script install.pl with detailed instructions. Please carefully read and modify the scripts to suit your system.

The installation steps are:

1. gzip -dc webCal-version.tgz | tar xvf -
2. cd webCal*.*.*
3. Read and Edit the file install.pl, make sure all 
   directory names and URL's are correct.
4. run  'perl install.pl'
5. Reconfigure and restart your webserver.
6. Configure webCal, create admin calendar and/or corporate calendar.
7. Arrange your system startup scripts to run wcald at boot up time.

WebCalendar supports virtual servers. You can run a single copy of webCal installation on multiple virtual servers.

MS Windows: Unzip webCalendar's windows distribution file in your C: drive. It will create a folder wcal_win. Open it and run the setup script setup.bat from there. Reconfigure webCalendar by editing webcalConfig.pm in C:\webcal\cgi-bin.

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:47:58 CST

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