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Most text and images on the page hader are hyper links. Most links are self explanatory. Here is a summary of all.

Linked to WebCalendar Documentation. If someone at your site has written instructions on using webCalendar, this is one possible place to get to there.
If an text entry is used to select calendars, this icon is Linked to a calendar listing popup.
If you're visiting someone else's calendar or a combined calendar, this icon is linked to your login calendar. Click on it returns to your login calendar.
This icon is linked to the bookmarks editor. You can enter a dozen or so of your favorite web sites there. WebCalendar will display those links in a a small navigation bar at the top of your calendar page. This navigation bar is persistent, it stays on top of the browser window no matter whose you're viewing.
Linked to sign out command or screen. Click on it will log you out of the current calendar session. You'll have to login again to access the calendar system.
Calendar Title linked to owner's homepage if that is defined
etc. Each tab is linked to a WebCal service as shown on the tab label. Most tabs can be removed from the display through the option screen. In other words, i f you don't use the diary subsystem, you can remove the diary tab permanently from your calendar.
linked to the calendar info screen. The info screen displays accounting status of the calendars in view.
linked to the quick add popup. The popup contains a stripped down version of the event editor.
linked to the printer-view screen. The printer-view formats your calendar differently so that it looks better when printed out on paper.
Appointment, ToDo
Meeting, Special
linked to the event editor. Some fields, like color, fonts and reminder settings on the event editor will be pre-filled according to the default values set through the option screen.
vCal linked to the vCalendar screen. You can import/export vcs files from the vCalendar screen.
Day, Week
Month, Year
linked to Day, Week, Month and Year view respectively.
linked to block, list, fancy list and detailed fancy list views.

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