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All images and text in the event table are hyperlinks. Furthermore, a tooltip is associated with event title to display detailed info about the event.

A typical event table cell looks like the following

  • The day or date label is linked to that day's calendar in day view.

  • is linked to the dairy screen. This icon appears only if there is a diary entry for that day.

  • Event start time 11:15 is linked to show event detail screen.

  • , , etc. are linked to the URL or uploaded document associated with the event.

  • , and are linked to the attendence confirmation screen. They also signal whether or not the calendar owner has accepted the invitation yet. means invitation declined; means invitation accepted and means the owner has not made his/her decision yet.

    These icon appear only if RSVP is requested on an event.

  • The event title Meet Linus is linked to the event editor.

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:49:43 CST
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