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The calendar options screen contains a single HTML form separated into several parts based on functionality. It lets you set/modify current calendar settings. It allows you to
  • define daily working hours

  • define date/time settings, like set timezone, time/date display format and calendar interval

  • set view options, like language, default calendar view and day view options

  • select calendar type, choose default privacy level and conflict resolution state

  • define default reminder setttings

  • select theme colors, define default colors for events, define personal color pairs to be used by the event editor

  • define CSS styles, set default CSS style for events

  • assign calendar editors and readers

  • create a short list of calendar that is of interest to you

  • grant access permission of diary/notes/addressbook to other users

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:50:31 CST
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