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WebCalendar let you quickly switch between day, week, month and year view of a single or a combined calendar. To change the current calendar view, click on the Day, Week, Month or Year link on the navigation bar or sidebar. In each of these date range selections, webCal offers you four display styles: block view, list view, fancy list view and a detailed fancy list view. To change the current display style, click on one of the style icons on the right of the navigation bar.

View and style links

  • Block Day View: Display your schedule in a summarized list in chronological order, or in a detailed 15 minute time table, or in a detailed 15 minute banner time table.

    In detailed or banner view, a link handle is provided for all empty time slots. Click on the handle brings you to the event editor.

  • Block Week View: Display a summary of your 5 or 7 day schedule in columns. Click on the day name at the top of each column jumps to that day in day view.

    A free/busy time table is also displayed with busy time shaded based on the busyness of the time interval, a summary of events on a busy time slot is available through a tooltip. The start/end time and time scale of the free/busy table can be configured through the option screen.

    Click on the center of a time slot brings you to the event editor.

    The free/busy time table is most appropriate for group scheduling where you need to find a common free time for all participants.

  • Block Month View: Display a summary of events in the traditional grid format. The left most column displays the week number as specified by ISO 8601. Click on the week number switch to block week view. Click on the day lable jumps to block day view.

  • Block Year View: Display a year's calendar, with busy days highlighted. The year's special events is displayed in a table on the right side of the calendar.

  • List Views: For each selected date range, the three list views display all events in the specified range chronologically. Click on the next three links to see examples, list view, fancy list view, detailed list view.

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