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A few CGI options are provided to control the appearance of webCalendar. These options can be passed to webcalendar cgi through query string. They allow you to publish your calendar in different styles.

  • anonymous -- This option establish your user with a special guest identity. It takes values true or false. This option is required to publish your calendar on the web.

  • calendar -- This option specifies the calendars to view, it takes a value of comma separated calendar names. This option is meant to be used with the anonymous option to publish your calendars. Here is an example.


  • view -- This option sets the view mode. It takes value from the following list. Multiple values must be separated by comma.
    • day -- display day view.
    • week -- display week view.
    • month -- display day view.
    • year -- display day view.

    • block -- display calendar using the regular grid view.
    • list1 -- display calendar as a list of events in chronological order.
    • list2 -- display list view in a fancier format.
    • list3 -- display calendar using yet another fancy list.

    Examples: view=block,week     view=week,list3&nbar=false&listviewnavigation=monthtable&header=custom

  • header -- This option sets the calendar page header. There are three possible values:
    • none -- no header will be displayed.
    • custom -- display a custom header. You need to set it up via the option screen.
    • default -- display the default header (this is the default).

    Example: header=none     header=custom

  • calendarselection -- This option sets up the calendar selection form on the page header. Possible values are:
    • false -- don't display calendar selection form.
    • entry -- use an entry box.
    • menu -- use a drop down menu. Please note that this option is dictated by the site configuration variable listAllCals. If calendar listing is disabled, no pull down menu will ever be used, an entry will be used instead.
    Example: header=custom&calendarselection=false     header=custom&calendarselection=entry

  • nbar or navigationbar or navigationtable -- This option is used to enable/disable the master navigation bar. It takes value true, false or mini.
    Example: nbar=true    nbar=false    nbar=mini   

  • listviewnavigation -- This option selects one of the two navigation methods for list view. Choices are either bar or monthtable.
    Example: listviewnavigation=bar    listviewnavigation=monthtable

  • quickadd -- This option turns the "quick add" button on/off. It take values true or false. The default value is true.

  • clock -- This option turns the digital "clock" on/off. It take values true or false. The default value is true.

  • elink -- This option selects the two possible links on the event titles. Choices are: edit or detail. This option only affects "block" and "list1" view.
    Examples: elink=edit    elink=detail   

  • busytable -- This option turns on/off the busy time table in block week view. Value is either true or false. The default value is true.
    Example: busytale=true    busytale=false   

  • monthtable -- This option turns on/off the navigation month table in block day view. Value is either true or false. The default value is true.
    Example: monthtable=true    monthtale=false   

  • edit -- This option turns on/off editting. Values is either true or false. The default value is true. If set to false, all editing links are removed from the calendar display.
    Example:  edit=false   

Last updated: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:47:36 CST
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