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Things that need to be done

The list below can be a starting point to click on links and edit each page. The following are some of the topics that should appear in this wiki.

  • Fractional curvatures in conformal geometry.
  • Create a page on Non-local Lagrangians and mention relevant examples, note Non-local Lagrangian is a term used by particle physicists and it is not necessarily the same as a Dirichlet form.
  • Nonlocal Phase Field Equations this will include many types of evolution equations such as nonlocal reaction-diffusion, models arising from nonlocal ising models, nonlocal cahn-hilliard, nonlocal biological aggregation, sharp interface limits (giacomin-lebowitz, bates-et-al, de massi-pressutti, etc...)
  • Boundary Harnack inequality it would be good to possibly include this in the description of what is different/same regarding local vs. nonlocal equations.
  • Describe, with references, the connection between holder estimates of viscosity solutions of stationary and or parabolic equations and the existence and uniqueness of solutions to the relevant Martingale Problem
  • Discussion of Jean Picard's paper (regularity for pure jump processes with non-degenerate, translation invariant generators)
  • Add Courrège's Structure theorem for operators and other structure theorems (generators of Feller semigroups, Hunt processes... etc)
  • A page on the nonlocal analogue of the thin film equation

(partially) Completed tasks

  • A sort of Starting page that serves as a "root" for all pages we add (ideally, any page we create should be reachable from here). (UPDATE: See discussion.)
  • Phase transitions involving non-local interactions, in particular, pages about Particle Systems, discussing the Giacomin-Lebowitz theory and the Ohta-Kawasaki functional.

Wiki Maintenance

  • Get access to LocalSettings.php (ask Maorong for access maybe?) so we can change the page name of the Main Page and the Starting Page (specially since those are the names shown by a google search)
  • Fill up the list of upcoming events such as conferences, workshops, summer schools.