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This is the Nonlocal Equations Wiki
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In this wiki we collect several results about nonlocal elliptic and parabolic equations. If you want to know what a nonlocal equation refers to, a good starting point would be the Intro to nonlocal equations. If you want to find information on a specific topic, you may want to check the list of equations or use the search option on the left.

We also keep a list of open problems and of upcoming events.

The wiki has an assumed bias towards regularity results and consequently to equations for which some regularization occurs. But we also include some topics which are tangentially related, or even completely unrelated, to regularity.

Some answers, including how to participate, can be found in the section about frequently asked questions.

Why nonlocal equations?

All partial differential equations are a limit case of nonlocal equations. A good understanding of nonlocal equations can ultimately provide a better understanding of their limit case: the PDEs. However, there are some cases in which a nonlocal equation gives a significantly better model than a PDE. Some of the most clear examples in which it is necessary to resort to nonlocal equations are

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