06-199 Bernd Sing & T. Richard Welberry
Deformed Model Sets and Distorted Penrose Tilings (5510K, LaTeX; with 3 Colourplates and 10 Figures (EPS)) Jul 10, 06
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Abstract. In this article, we show how the mathematical concept of a deformed model set can be used to gain insight into the diffraction pattern of quasicrystalline structures. We explain what a deformed model set is, what its characteristic features are and how it relates to certain disorder phenomena in solids. We then apply this concept to distorted Penrose tilings, i.e., Penrose tilings where we apply size-effect-like distortions. While the size effect in crystals only operates on the diffuse scattering, there is also an intensity transfer on the Bragg peaks in distorted Penrose tilings. The persistence of pure point diffraction in distorted Penrose tilings can be explained by interpreting such tilings as deformed model sets.

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