18-120 Damon Wai Kwan So
Non-deterministic Quantum Mechanics and Particle Spin (5087K, pdf) Dec 24, 18
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Abstract. The preceding paper ( Non-deterministic Quantum Mechanics , Mathematical Physics Preprint Archive at https://web.ma.utexas.edu/mp_arc/?, University of Texas, archive number 18-119) proposed an alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics which is distinct from the Copenhagen Interpretation and the pilot wave theory. This alternative interpretation and its associated non-deterministic velocity component are tested here with reference to particle spins. A mechanism for generating particle spins is rigorously identified for the case of a free particle and the case of the hydrogen electron. The mechanism can be generalised for electrons in other atoms and other particles. The incomplete nature of the Schr dinger equation with regard to its inability to incorporate particle spin is demonstrated. The adoption of Born s rule by the physicist community for interpreting the probability density is seen as implicitly acknowledging the mechanism for generating particle spin but this mechanism was far from being made explicit by that rule. The crucial question of the need for sensitive non-deterministic information input to maintain particle spin and to satisfy Born s rule is raised. This question probes the limit of our human ability to penetrate into non-deterministic processes and events. The paper concludes with an assessment of the proposed alternative interpretation of quantum mechanics with respect to the criteria of conceptual coherence and correspondence to experiments.

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