97-140 Arians S.
Geometric Approach to Inverse Scattering for Hydrogen-like Systems in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field (48K, LaTeX 2e) Mar 20, 97
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Abstract. We consider the Hamiltonian of one quantum particle in a homogeneous magnetic field B and a potential V in space dimensions three. If the magnetic field B is given and V is of short range then the high velocity limit of the scattering operator uniquely determines the potential V.<br> If, in addition, long-range potentials V^l are present, some knowledge of (the far out tail of) V^l is needed to define a modified Dollard wave operator and a scattering operator S^D. Again its high velocity limit uniquely determines V=V^s+V^l, if B is given.<br> We generalize our results to a system of two interacting quantum particles with opposite electric charges. This paper is also available by anonymous ftp from work1.iram.rwth-aachen.de ( in the directory /pub/papers/arians as a LaTeX 2e tex, dvi or ps file ar-97-1.*.

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