97-161 Pfister C.-E., Velenik Y.
Interface Pinning and Finite-Size Effects in the 2D Ising Model (234K, uuencoded gzipped Postscript) Apr 3, 97
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Abstract. We apply new techniques developed in a previous work to the study of some surface effects in the 2D Ising model. We examine in particular the pinning-depinning transition. The results are valid for all subcritical temperatures. By duality we obtained new finite size effects on the asymptotic behaviour of the two-point correlation function above the critical temperature. The key-point of the analysis is to obtain good concentration properties of the measure defined on the random lines giving the high-temperature representation of the two-point correlation function, as a consequence of the sharp triangle inequality: let tau(x) be the surface tension of an interface perpendicular to x; then for any x, y tau(x)+tau(y)-tau(x+y) >= 1/kappa(||x||+||y||-||x+y||), where kappa is the maximum curvature of the Wulff shape and ||x|| the Euclidean norm of x.

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