97-181 Joel L. Lebowitz, Claudia Neuhauser and Krishnamurthi Ravishankar
Dynamics of a Spin-Exchange Model (61K, TeX) Apr 8, 97
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Abstract. We study a model on the non-negative half line ${\bf Z}_0^+$, $\lbrace 0,1,2,\dots\rbrace $ in which particles created at the origin at rate 1 jump to the right at rate 1. If a particle jumps onto an already occupied site the two particles annihilate each other. In addition, whenever a particle jumps its closest neighbor to the right jumps along with it. We find that the spatial decay rate of the particle density in the stationary state is of order $1/\sqrt{x}$ at distance $x$ from the origin. This model provides an approximation to the dynamics of an anchored Toom interface which can be represented as a spin-exchange model.

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