97-424 Antonelli F., Isopi M.
Limit Behaviour of the Partition Function of Spin Glasses via Stochastic Calculus (43K, AMSTeX) Jul 30, 97
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Abstract. This paper studies a martingale method introduced by Comets and Neveu for the Sherrington - Kirkpatrick model. We apply it here to a broad class of models to get a theorem that links the convergence in distribution of the partition function of a disordered model to the asymptotic behaviour of the partition function of its \lq \lq ferromagnetic analogue \rq \rq. A byproduct of this result is the deduction of the right rescaling for the Hamiltonian of the Sherrington Kirkpatrick model with external field. Lastly we find the equation for the critical surface delimiting the high temperature phase for a large class of mean field spin glass models.

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