97-55 Gomez G., Jorba A., Masdemont J.J., Simo C.
STUDY OF THE TRANSFER BETWEEN HALO ORBITS (985K, Postscript, gzipped and uuencoded) Feb 6, 97
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Abstract. Two methods of transfer between halo orbits of the same family are developed making use of the geometry of the phase space around these solutions and the Floquet theory for periodic orbits. The study is done for the halo orbits around the libration point $L_{1}$ of the Earth-Sun system, in the framework of the Restricted Three Body Problem. The optimal performance of the method is given. In a second step one of the methods is adapted to the real situation taking into account the influence of all the bodies of the solar system. The results obtained are compared with other strategies studied by Hiday and Howell.

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