97-600 Balinsky A.A., Evans W.D.
On the virial theorem for the relativistic operator of Brown and Ravenhall, and the absence of embedded eigenvalues. (43K, LaTex 2e) Nov 29, 97
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Abstract. A virial theorem is established for the operator proposed by Brown and Ravenhall as a model for relativistic one-electron atoms. As a consequence, it is proved that the operator has no eigenvalues greater than $\max(m c^2, 2 \alpha Z - \frac{1}{2})$, where $\alpha$ is the fine structure constant, for all values of the nuclear charge $Z$ below the critical value $Z_c$: in particular there are no eigenvalues embedded in the essential spectrum when $Z \leq 3/4 \alpha$. Implications for the operators in the partial wave decomposition are also described.

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