This page is woefully outdated. Check out my Geometric Langlands page and my Publications and Preprints page.

In this page you will find informal writings, and links.

Course Page for my course Representation Theory of SL_2, Spring 2005.

A list of conferences I've attended.

Informal Writings and Lecture Notes:

Here I put some informal rambling mathematical essays I've written (mainly long ago). Fill in major disclaimer of responsibility..
  • The very widely distributed email I sent out about Taubes' talk "Witten's Magical Equation", announcing the birth of Seiberg-Witten theory. (It found its way to John Baez's This Week's Finds, Week 44).
  • Another widespread email I wrote, this one summarizing Kontsevich's talk "Motivic Galois Groups and Deformation Quantization" at the 1998 ICM (TeXed up by Misha Finkelberg.)
  • The Frobenius Page, an outdated collection of intuitive ways to think about raising to the p-th power..
  • My minor thesis (Harvard, 1995) on formal groups and Witt vectors: formal.dvi %
  • Research % proposals from '99, both %non-technical % and %technical.

  • A series of VERY INFORMAL surveys aimed at introducing the geometric Langlands program, written long long ago (circa '95) and full of embarassing mistakes - not to be taken seriously! (yeah I should take them down, but I figure they shouldn't do THAT much damage right?)


    Here are some math links I find interesting or useful: >