A bit about me

I have moved to Columbia, where I am now a professor affiliated with the Irving Institute for Cancer Dynamics, the math department, and the computer science department. My new web page is here; this one will no longer be updated.

Prior to arriving in Austin, I was an NSF postdoctoral fellow from 2005-2009 at Stanford, with a year's stint as a member at the Institute for Advanced Study in 2007-2008.

Before that, I was a graduate student in at the University of Chicago, where I finished a Ph.D. in 2005 under the supervision of Peter May and Michael Mandell.

I am an editor for the Journal of Topology, an associate editor for Advances in Mathematics, and an editor for the Journal of Applied and Computational Topology.

I am an affiliate of the Irving Center for Cancer Dynamics at Columbia University.

I am also a member of the Center for topology of cancer evolution and heterogeneity based at Columbia.

I am part of the Pepper project at NYU on verifiable outsourced computing.

A current copy of my CV is here and a comprehensive list of my papers is available here.