Ben Seeger


The following is a list of courses I taught at the University of Chicago. Descriptions of the courses can be found here.

Winter 2019 Calculus III (Math 15300)
Fall 2018 Calculus II (Math 15200)
Fall 2017 Calculus II (Math 15200)
Fall 2016 Calculus III (Math 15300)
Winter 2016 Elementary Functions and Calculus II (Math 13200)
Fall 2015 Elementary Functions and Calculus I (Math 13100)

Teaching Assistant

Summer 2018 Stochastic Homogenization PCMI: Harmonic Analysis
Summer 2017, 2018 Analysis "Boot Camp" University of Chicago
Summer 2016 Summer School in Analysis University of Chicago
2014-2015 Honors Analysis (Math 20700-20900) University of Chicago
Summer 2014 REU University of Chicago