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Ars Inveniendi

Sets of Finite Perimeter &
Geometric Variational Problems

Optimal Mass Transport on Euclidean Spaces

Sets of Finite Perimeter and Geometric Variational Problems
An Introduction to Geometric Measure Theory



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"Geometric measure theory is a broad and beautiful area of mathematics
with deep and persistent connections with geometry, analysis,
number theory, combinatorics, and beyond.
It is also an area that defies simplistic descriptions
as it continually evolves and reinvents its raison d’etre.
Any attempt to write a book containing a comprehensive treatment of all the areas
that currently fall under the umbrella of geometric measure theory
would be a futile and thankless task.
Instead, Francesco Maggi chose a very coherent and interesting set of problems
pertaining to sets of finite perimeter and geometric variational problems
and produced an excellent, timely, and thoroughly readable text,
accessible to a wide mathematical audience."

from Alex Iosevich's review, Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 53 (2016)