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Ars Inveniendi

Sets of Finite Perimeter &
Geometric Variational Problems

Optimal Mass Transport on Euclidean Spaces

Complete CV

Appointments and education:

   - Full professor, UT Austin, USA, 2016/present;
   - Member,
Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, USA, January-April 2019;
   - Research scientist,
ICTP Trieste, Italy, 2016/2017;

   - Associate professor
, UT Austin, USA, 2012/2015;
   - Professore associato
(Associate prof.), U. Firenze, Italy, 2011/2012;
   - Ricercatore
(Assistant prof.), U. Firenze, Italy, 2005/2011;
   - Wissenschaftlichen Assistenten C1 (Assistant prof.), U. Duisburg-Essen, Germany, 2005;
   - Postdoctoral associate, MPI-MIS Leipzig, Germany, 2004;
   - Ph.D. in Mathematics, U. Firenze, Italy, 2004;
   - Visiting graduate student MPI-MIS Leipzig, Germany, Fall 2002 and Fall 2003;
   - Visiting graduate student Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, USA, Spring 2003;
   - M.S. in Mathematics
, U. Firenze, Italy, 2000.

Editorial work:

   - Ars Inveniendi Analytica, editor-in-chief (2020-)
   - Nonlinear Analysis, editor-in-chief (2020-)
   - Transactions of the AMS & Memoirs of the AMS, editorial board member (2022-)

Current funding:

  - Rigidity, Stability, Regularity, and Resolution Theorems in the Geometric Calculus of Variations, NSF Grant DMS-2247544; 2023-current;
Geometric Variational Problems for Surface Tension Driven Systems, NSF Grant DMS-2000034; 2020-2023;
  - FRG: New Challenges in Geometric Measure Theory,
NSF Grant DMS-1854344, with Tatiana Toro and Camillo De Lellis; 2019-2023;
  - RTG: Analysis of Partial Differential Equations, NSF Grant DMS-1840314, as PI with Arie Israel, Natasa Pavlovic, Stefania Patrizi and Alexis Vasseur, 2019-current.

Past funding:

   With NSF:
        - Stability, symmetry and regularity issues in geometric variational problems, NSF Grant DMS-1265910, 2013/2016;
        - FRG: Vectorial and geometric problems in the Calculus of Variations, NSF DMS-1361122, with Craig Evans, Alessio Figalli, and Ovidiu Savin; 2014/2018;
Quantitative analysis of rigidity theorems and geometric inequalities, NSF Grant DMS-1565354, 2017/2020.

   With ERC:
        - Analysis of optimal sets and optimal constants: old questions and new results
, ERC Starting Grant 258685, as coPI; PI, Aldo Pratelli; 2010/16;
        - Analytic techniques for geometric and functional inequalities, ERC Advanced Grant 246923, as coPI; PI Nicola Fusco; 2009/15.

   With INdAM:
        - Geometric-functional inequalities in sharp and quantitative form, GNAMPA-INdAM, from 2007.

Postdoctoral students:

  - Michael Novack at UT Austin, since 2020;
  - Salvatore Stuvard at UT Austin, 2017-2021;

  - Matias Delgadino at ICTP Trieste, 2016-17;
  - Brian Krummel at UT Austin, 2015-16.

Graduate students:

  - Daniel Restrepo at UT Austin, joint with L. Caffarelli, expected graduation summer 2023, then postdoctoral associate at Johns Hopkins U;
  - Daniel Weser at UT Austin, expected graduation summer 2023, then postdoctoral associate at UNC Chapel Hill;
  - Ignacio Tomasetti at UT Austin, joint with L. Caffarelli, graduated in 2022;
  - Darren King at UT Austin, graduated in 2021, then postdoctoral associate NYU;
  - Cornelia Mihaila at UT Austin, graduated in 2018, then postdoctoral associate at U Chicago;
- Robin Neumayer at UT Austin, joint with A. Figalli; graduated in 2017, then postdoctoral associate at Northwestern U.;
  - Marco Caroccia at U. Pisa, joint with G. Alberti; graduated in 2015, then postdoctoral associate at Carnegie Mellon U.

Undergraduate students:

  - Hunter Stufflebeam (UT Austin)
Allard type regularity theorems for rectifiable varifolds, Master degree thesis, 2018/19;
    then graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania;

  - Denis Deniz Gonzalez (ICTP Trieste) Symmetry properties of overdetermined properties with fractional laplacians, Diploma in Mathematics, 2016/17;
    then graduate student at the Politecnico di Milano, Italy;

  - Sumiya Basaandorj (ICTP Trieste) The existence of area minimizing graphs and minimal surfaces, Diploma in Mathematics, 2016/17;
    then graduate student at Seoul National University, South Korea.

  - Marco Caroccia (U. Firenze) Stime asintotiche per partizioni minimali del piano, Master degree thesis, 2011;
    then graduate student at the University of Pisa, Italy.
  - Berardo Ruffini (U. Firenze) Riduzione al caso radiale per una versione quantitative della disuguaglianza di Gagliardo-Nirenberg,
Master degree thesis, 2010;
    then graduate student at the Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa.