Research statement

A summary of my previous work is available here.

Publications and proceedings

  1. Disease surveillance on complex social networks (with J.L. Herrera, J.S. Brownstein, A. Galvani, and L.A. Meyers), preprint.
  2. Self-similarity in kinetic models of information-exchange processes (with Irene Gamba), preprint.
  3. An invariant in shock clustering and Burgers turbulence, Nonlinearity, 2012. [link] [arXiv]
  4. Rates of convergence for Smoluchowski's coagulation equations, SIAM J. Math. Analysis, 2011. [link] [arXiv]
  5. Kinetic theory and Lax equations for shock clustering and Burgers turbulence (with Govind Menon), Journal of Statistical Physics, 2010. [link] [arXiv]
  6. Simple models with cascade of energy and anomalous dissipation, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) Technical Reports, 2005. [link]

Selected presentations

  1. Random thoughts on random walks: networks, centrality, and the spread of disease, Brown University, March 22, 2015. [slides]
  2. Kinetic and mean-field game models of information propagation, ICERM, October 18, 2011. [slides]
  3. Burgers turbulence, kinetic theory of shock clustering, and complete integrability, Erwin Schrödinger Institute, July 06, 2011. [slides]
  4. Rates of convergence for Smoluchowski's coagulation equation, SIAM PD09, December 07, 2009. [slides]

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