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"Strategy Games: Finding an advantage in Connect Four and the game of Hex," with Dr. Michael B. Henry
January 22, 2010: (One Part)


"Twisting string with fractions", with Dr. Altha Rodin
November 6th, 2010: ( Part I, Part II)

"How do you group it?", with Allison Moore
October 24, 2010: ( One Part)

"The Fourth Dimension", with Dr. Mike Starbird
October 9, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"A game interrupted/Friends and Enemies", with Dr. Edward Odell
September 18, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Dynamics: Wild behavior in Simple Models of the world", with Dr. Jason Mireles-James
April 17, 2010: (Part I,Part II)

"Voronoi Diagrams: Fencing out your neighbors", with Andrew Gillette
April 11, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Arbitrage", with Dr. Gerard Brunick
March 27, 2010: (Part I, Part II

"What to do when there is Too Much Information", with Ruth Wunderlich
March 7, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Polynomial Differencing Games", with Dr. Philip Yasskin
February 27, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"Fun with Knots and Tangles", with Neil Hoffman
February 14, 2010: (Part I, Part II)

"The Mathematics of Dance", with Dr. Shel Swenson
January 30, 2010: (Part I, Part II)


"Filters and Social Choice", with David Jensen
October 18, 2009: (Part I, Part II)

"Easy, Hard, Impossible", with Dr. Elaine Rich
October 3, 2009: (Part I,Part II)

"Not Just a Knot", with Dr. Jennifer Mann
April 4, 2009: (One Part)

"Coloring Knots", with Brandy Guntel
March 29, 2009: (Part I, Part II)


"Dottier and Boxier", with Dr. Daniel Allcock
November 15, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"Geometric Gems", with Dr. Mike Starbird
October 11, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"Fish, Statistics, and Entropy", with Dr. John Stanton
April 26, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"What Do Mathematicians Play With?", with Dr. Ted Mahavier
March 22, 2008: (Part I, Part II)

"The Mathematics of Juggling", with Dr. Henry Segerman
February 23, 2008: (Part I,Part II)

"Making Up Numbers: The Art of the Cheat", with Dr. Fernando Rodriguez Villegas
January 19, 2008 (Full screen capable)


"Math and Criminology", with Dr. Kim Rossmo
Warning: Contains references to violent crimes.
December 1, 2007:

"To Infinity, and Beyond!", with Dr. Michael Starbird.
October 13th, 2007:
In the second half, we played a game called Dodge Ball, for which you will need a copy of the game board.

"How Machines Learn: From robot soccer to autonomous traffic", with Dr. Peter Stone.
September 15th, 2007:

You can also download the power point presentations: To see the videos featured in the presentation go to Dr. Stone's website.

SMMG would like to give special thanks to the Division of Instructional Innovation and Assesment , especially Mike De Leon for teaching us how to use the equipment and editing the videos.