Welcome to the Home page for Math 375 T!

Your  Professor is Karen Uhlenbeck uhlen@math.utexas.edu and your TA is Jesse Sweet.

Basic information about the course and grading is on the  first day handout.

You can also look at the course advertisement.

Karen Uhlenbeck's office hours for the spring 2006 semester are available.

Jesse Sweet is tentatively planning to have office hours in the computer lab on Wednesday evenings.  Check in class for times.

If you want to see Professor Uhlenbeck here are the times she is definitely already busy. More information is available under office hours.

Click here for a list of lecture topics and readings.

Cick here  for a list of books on three day reserve in the library. I also have copies of most of them if you would like to take a look at them and they are temporarily out of the library.

Click here for the grade sheet which I have used for projects in the past.  Your project grade will be graded on roughly the same items.  I will tell you when the final version is up.


         Theory assignment 1:  Due Feb 2

           Computer assignment 1 was handed out in class. It is due Feb 8.  (It is also available on the computer by clicking on the highlights

           Theory Assignment 2:   Due Feb 16
           General assignment:  Hand in a one paragraph description of some topic which you would like to look into further for your project. Class discussion Feb 16. Please include references if at all possible. (There will be no grade on this, but the paragraph is required).
           Computer assignment 2:  Due Feb 23

 Exam on Feb 28.

           Computer assignment 3:   Due March 9

            Theory Assignment 3:  Due March 23.   You are also expected to hand in separately  a paragraph outlining your project and including a list of at  least two references.  One of these references may be the text, but you need to locate a second one.  A sample was discussed in class.

            Computer Assignment 4:  Due  March 30.   Some suggestions on how to use the matlab program  ode45 are here.

             Theory Assignment 4:   Due April 11.  Some of you will want to hand in a more detailed outline of your projects.  Also, a sign-up sheet for project presentation was passed around March 30.  Slots are still available.

              Theory and Computer Assignment 5:  Due April 25.  This will count toward both homework grades.

Projects are due the last day of class.

A take-home exam will be handed out April 27 and will be  due May 2. You will be able to use references.   Please expect to consult  with either the professor or the TA rather than another student in the case that you get really stuck.