M 374G/384G, Fall 2005

Exam Week Office Hours:

        Monday, December 12, 3 - 4 pm
        Wednesday, December 14, 3 - 4 pm
        Friday, December 16, 3 - 4 pm

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Class handouts, etc.

Course Announcement

First day handout


What Is Probability? (Notes for Sept. 9 class)

Conditional Means and Variances (Notes for Sept. 16 class; might start Sept. 14)

Conditional Means and Variances Continued: Conditional Variances
(Will probably start Sept. 16)

Introduction to Smoothing (Sept. 19 and/or 21)

Lowess plus or minus SD (Sept. 21)

Joint, Marginal, and Conditional Distributions (Sept. 26)

Independence, Covariance, and Correlation (Sept. 28)

Bivariate Normal Distributions
(Sept. 30)

Regression in Bivariate Normal Populations (Oct. 3)

Probability Plots (Oct. 10)

Regression Models (Oct. 12)

Least Squares Regression (Oct. 14)

Statistical Properties of Least Squares Estimators (Oct. 17)

Inference for Simple Linear Regression (Oct. 19)

Estimating Conditional Means (Oct. 24)

Prediction Intervals (Oct. 26)

Robustness (Oct. 28)

Submodels (Oct. 31)

Notation for Multiple Linear Regression
(Nov. 2)

Multivariate Distributions
(Nov. 4)

The Multiple Linear Regression Model (Nov. 7)

Inference for Multiple Linear Regression (Nov. 9)

More about Leverage and Variance of Residuals (Nov. 11)

Testing Full Models Against Submodels
(Nov. 14)

Selecting Terms (Nov. 21)

Weighted Least Squares
(Nov. 30)

Diagnostics (Friday, Dec. 2)

Factors and Interactions (Wednesday, December 7)

Other Links

ITS Short Courses on Software for Statistics

Arc website (to download Arc and obtain more information)

Using Arc and Star Office on Math Department computers

Sampling Distribution Demo  Click on Basics to go to new page for demo.

Confidence Interval Simulation

Animation of changing parameters in a bivariate normal distribution

Rotating bivariate normal distributions

Java applet for bivariate normal distribution plus sample

Least squares demo (Might not work with Netscape)

Least absolute deviation  and least squares demo (Doesn't always work.)

Outlier  demo (If your browser goes to http://www.stat.sc.edu/%7Ewest/javahtml/Regression.html, gf try replacing it with http://www.stat.sc.edu/~west/javahtml/Regression.html -- in other words,  replacing %7Ewest in the URL with ~west.)