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Real time scheduling -- Any event added to your calendar is immediately available to all its viewers, keeping scheduling conflicts at a minimum.

LDAP Support -- Support LDAP authentication and LDAP addressbook lookup.

Multiple View -- Display day , week , week banner, month , year (compact) views of calendars. In week view and detailed or banner day view, webCalendar also displays a free/busy time table. Schedule events on a open time slot takes only one click. WebCalendar also provides a detailed list view, a summarized fancy list view and a polished, detailed fancy list view.

Overlaid Calendars -- Combine and view serval calendars simultaneously, making schedule conflict resolution a total ease.

Category Filtering -- Allow you to view events in categories.

Drag and Drop Editing -- Support drag and drop editihg on IE 5.5 and above.

Highly Configurable -- Offer an extensive list of calendar configuration variables. Options like date format, time format, timezone, working hours, colors, fonts and reminder settings can all be individually set/adjusted for each calendar.

CSS Support -- Support Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). One can associate display styles (font color etc) to individual calendars. Sample style sheets is included in the distribution.

Shared/Group Calendars -- Offer multiple work/meeting groups for each individual calendar. Automatically synchronizes meetings and todo projects with all workgroup members.

Schedule Reminders -- Notify members of upcoming events via email, popup and/or audio reminders.

Flexible Events -- Offer appointment, meeting, todo and special event types. Schedule single or recurring events.

Attendance Confirmation -- For group events, webCalendar offers an option to prompt invitees to accept/decline the invitation. Attendance information is shared among all invitees.

Multiple Authors -- Each calendar can have multiple editors and readers. Allow your friends to view and/or update your calendars.

Security -- Each private calendar is password protected. Furthermore, webCalendar offers three levels of event based privacy to protect your personal calendar entries.

Public Calendars -- Publish department or coorporative schedules like conference room reservation, department picnic etc. WebCalendar offers two types of public calendars, open or moderated.

Conflict Resolution -- Automatically check for schedule conflicts.

Import from VCalendar -- Allows you to import events from a VCS file, and to export webCalendar entries to a VCS file.

Task Manager -- Allows you to monitor todo tasks.

Address Book -- lets you to maintain your personal contact lists. Integrated email system let you send calendar events to friends with minimal efforts.

Diary System -- Allows you to keep track of your daily activities.

Corporate calendar -- Allows you broadcast corporate events to all calendars on the calendar system.

Calendar Dependency -- Allows you specify relations among calendars. This is ideal for resource and facility management.

Multilingual -- WebCalendar has been translated to Chinese, Dutch, Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish.

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