M 358K: Applied Statistics, Unique Number 57250, Spring 06 (Smith)

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Comments on Second Exam New April 30

New May 18 Final Exam Grade Distribution:
    A: 108 - 120 (6, including one 120)
    B: 96 - 107 (6)
    C: 84 - 95 (9)
    D: 72 - 83 (7)
    F: < 72 (2)

Course Grade Distribution:
    A (6)
    B (8)
    C (11)
    D (3)
    F (3)


Complete First Day Handout and Letter to Students

Using Minitab in M 358K

Review (and More) of Random Variables
(pdf file)

Least Squares Regression Line

Term Project Description

Term Project Proposal (due Monday, February 27)

Review Problems for First Exam

Simulations on Minitab
(for February 22 assignment)

Notes from Monday, March 6

Recommended Timeline for Projects 

Project Report Guidelines New! Monday, April 24

Review Problems for Final Exam    Corrected version posted Thursday, May 4 (The main change is that Problem 18 should say, "Problem 6(c)," not "Problem 5(c)." Added Friday, May 12: Additional Review Problems: 9.21 and 9.33 from the book.

Study Suggestion (New Sunday, May 7) to do before you do Problem 6 of the Review Problems: Fill out a chart like this to help you clarify the various aspects of the different hypothesis tests.

Hints for Review Problems for Final Exam New Sunday, May 7. Will be updated as new hints are given.

External Links:

Textbook Web Site
    You can access statistical applets, data sets, and other supplementary material referred to in the textbook here.

Binomial distribution simulation

Sampling distribution simulation

Correlation Guess Applet

Another Correlation Guess Applet

Least Squares Demo

Least Absolute Deviation and Least Squares Demo

Central Limit Theorem Illustrations

Confidence Interval Simulation

Student's t-distributions