M 358K Assignments (Smith, Unique 57250, MWF 12 - 1, Spring 06)

Friday, January 20

Monday, January 23 (Corrected 9:25 am, Monday, January 23)

Wednesday, January 25

Friday, January 27

Monday, January 30

Wednesday, February 1

Friday, February 3

Monday, February 6 Added to 1 pm. Friday, February 3

Wednesday, February 8 Added to 12:30 pm. Sunday, February 8

Friday, February 10

Monday, February 13

Wednesday, February 15

Friday, February 17

Monday, February 20 Added 12 noon Sunday, February 19: You may also want to review and bring the first two pages of the handout Properties of the Correlation Coefficient, from Monday, January 30.

Wednesday, February 22

Friday, February 24: First exam. (See Review Problems linked from class home page or February 17 assignment.)

Monday, February 27:
Project Proposal due (There is also a reading assignment, with related exercises.)

Wednesday, March 1 Correction added 2/27/06.

Friday, March 3

Monday, March 6

Wednesday, March 8  

Friday, March 10

Monday, March 20 Revised March 10 13

Wednesday, March 22 3/20/06: Problem 6.110 (p. 445) has been deleted from this assignment.

Friday, March 24: Revised project proposals due (May be turned in earlier.) Plus reading and exercises.

Monday, March 27

Wednesday, March 29

Friday, March 31

Monday, April 3

Wednesday, April 5 Added 4/2/06: In part (e),  remember to explain why you have chosen the null and alternate hypotheses that you specify. Remember that the appropriate choice depends on the context explained in the paragraph before the data, so you need to say what in the context tells you what hypotheses are appropriate.

Friday, April 7

Monday, April 10

Wednesday, April 12 The problems to be handed in will require computer work and attention to writing, so be sure to start early enough to be able to complete the assignment. Added 4/9: The data for Exercise 1.120 are in the file ta01_009 of the Chapter 1 folder of the textbook data files. More hints on how to do the computer work involved have been added to the assignment.

Friday, April 14 The exercises in this assignment require use of software.

Monday, April 17

Wednesday, April 19

Friday, April 21

Monday, April 24  

Wednesday, April 26
    Note: The last problem to hand in is continued on p. 668. Problems to hand in require use of software.

Second exam: Friday, April 14 
Friday, April 28 Review Problems for Second Exam
    Note: Corrected version posted April 23 -- adding suggested textbook problems 8.21, 8.23, 8.59, 8.63.
    Hints for Review Problems New 4/27/06; will be updated as other questions are asked.

Monday, May 1

Wednesday, May 3 Written homework requires use of software.

Friday, May 5 Project report due. Be sure to follow Project Report Guidelines. Note that in addition to handing in one  project report for your whole group, each group member should hand in, separately, a short description  of i) the role of each member in the work of the project group, and ii) what he or she (the individual writer) learned from doing the project.