Slides for UT SSI Course "Common Mistakes in Statistics: Spotting them and Avoiding Them"

Please note:  

Each set of slides can be downloaded in two formats:
Format 1: pdf file with two slides per page.
Format 2: doc file with one slide per page. You may prefer this if you need large print or if you would like to create your own format -- e.g., for adding your own notes electronically, or to view or print with more than two slides to a page. Note: The Doc file may not download as well on Windows as on MacIntosh; I have tried to correct problems I have noticed with this, but there may still be some slight differences in page numbers.

Part I:      pdf    doc (Note: A minorly revised version was posted Wed. May 19, 9:30 pm)

Part II:     Note: 1. Some slight revisions were made and posted Thurs. May 20, 10:45 pm). More revision Fri. May 21, 10:15 pm to correct some problems with symbols and images not downloading correctly.
2.The pdf file has three parts; the middle one is a landscape layout for p. 19

                    pdf1     pdf2 (landscape)     pdf3       doc

Part III:    pdf     doc

Part IV:    pdf    doc