Differential Calculus for Scientists, M408N, Fall 2011, Unique #s: 54850, 54855, 54860

  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun, sadun@math.utexas.edu
  • Teaching Assistant: Andrew Kontaxis, akontaxis@math.utexas.edu
  • Lectures: TuTh 11:00-12:30, JGB 2.216
  • Discussion sections by unique number:
    54850: MW 9-10, CBA 4.344
    54855: MW 12-1, RLM 7.124
    54860: MW 3-4, JES A303A
  • Website: http://www.ma.utexas.edu/~sadun/F11/408N
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Sadun Office Hours: W10-11, Th2-3, RLM 9.114
  • Kontaxis Office Hours: M 10:30-12, F 2-3:30, RLM 11.130
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • Text: Calculus, Early Transcendentals, 7th Edition, by Stewart.
  • Prerequisites: This class is restricted to students in the College of Natural Sciences who have scored 70% or higher on the ALEKS assessment. If you do not meet these conditions, you will be dropped from the class around August 29 or 30.

  • The final exam will be on Tuesday, December 13, 9AM-noon, in Welch 2.246. The ground rules are the same as for the midterms, except that you are allowed two crib sheets instead of one. Calculators are not allowed.

    My office hours on finals week are Th-F 11-12 and 2-3.

    The final will have 9 multi-part problems and is designed to take about 2 hours. You'll have 3 hours to do it. Information about the problems can be found as a Quest announcement, posted on December 7.

    *Handouts and Other Course Information

  • Six Pillars of Calculus
  • Blurb on limits
  • How to take derivatives
  • Blurb on L'Hôpital's Rule
  • Blurb on the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus
  • First Day Handout
  • Course Schedule
  • Homework
  • Doc-cam slides from all the lectures
  • First midterm, both with and without solutions.
  • Second midterm, both with and without solutions.
  • Final exam, both with and without solutions.