Linear Algebra, M340L, Spring 2003

  • Unique Number: 56150
  • Lectures: MWF 10-11, Taylor 2.006
  • Professor: Lorenzo Sadun
  • Office: RLM 9.114
  • Office Hours: Tu-Th 9:30-10:30
  • Phone: 471-7121
  • email:
  • TA: James Rath
  • Office: RLM 11.152
  • Office Hours: MWF 1-4
  • Phone: 471-1684
  • email:

  • Final grades.  Grades are posted on the registrar's web site.  The cutoffs were 90% for an A, 80% for a B, and 64% for a C. Of the 110 students who took the final, 34 received A's, 42 received B's, 30 received C's, 4 received D's, and nobody failed the class. I was extremely impressed by the overall performance of the class (which is why there are so many A's and B's), but was disappointed that the later material, on eigenvalues and orthogonality, didn't seem to stick nearly as well as the earlier material.

    Final Exam:  
    The final exam was on Wednesday morning, May 7, from 9-12 in rooms ECJ 1.202 and ECJ 1.204.  Solutions are now posted. The average score was a 75.

    First Midterm:  The first midterm was on February 12, and covered through section 2.3. Most students did well, with 5 people getting 100s, 23 others scoring in the 90s, 39 in the 80s, 31 in the 70s, 12 in the 60s and 6 in the 50s.  The average was 81.

    Second Midterm:  March 7 in Welch 1.308 (NOT in Taylor 2.006!) This test covered everything through Chapter 3, except for Cramer's rule.  Solutions are posted below.

    Third Midterm:  April 7 in Garrison 1, (NOT in Taylor 2.006!)  covering through Chapter 4.

    The ground rules for all midterm exams are:
    1) The exam is closed book, and calculators are not allowed, but  
    2) Each student is allowed to bring a handwritten 8.5" x 11" sheet of notes to the exam.  You can write whatever you wish on both sides of the paper -- formulas, worked examples, or inspiring quotes.  The only restrictions are that you must write the sheet yourself by hand.  No xeroxing of pages from the text, or copying of somebody else's notes.
    3) All you need to bring is your "crib sheet", something to write with, and an active brain.
    4) The exam will be governed by the honor system.  James Rath or I will be available to answer questions through most of the exam.

    Handouts and Other Course Information (always under construction):

  • On trust and honor.
  • The related column I wrote for the Statesman.
  • First day handout.
  • Homework assignments,
  • Course schedule

  • Page with solutions to various homework problems assigned during the term.

    Practice first midterm (F'93) in Postscript and PDF format. Some of the problems on determinants might be helpful in preparing for the second midterm, too.

    Practice 2nd midterm (F '93) in PDF format.  Problems 1b and 2 involve material (Cramer's Rule and inner products) that we haven't covered yet, and may not cover at all, so don't worry about them.  Some of the T/F questions referred to material that is no longer in the syllabus, and so were deleted.

    Another practice midterm (S '95).  This midterm was given in April, so contains some more advanced material that the Practice 2nd midterm.  In studying for our second midterm, you can ignore problems 3 and 4, and some of the T/F questions.  (But you'll want to revisit these problems when our third midterm rolls around).

    Practice 3rd midterm (F'93) in HTML and PDF format.   (There were only two midterms in S'95, so there is no other practice 3rd midterm).

    Practice final exam from 1995.

    Practice final exam from another instructor in 1994.

  • Actual 1st midterm, with and without solutions in HTML format
  • Actual 1st midterm, with and without solutions, in PDF format.
  • Actual 2nd midterm, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual 2nd midterm, with and without solutions, in PDF format.
  • Actual 3rd midterm, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual 3rd midterm, with and without solutions, in PDF format.
  • Actual final exam, with and without solutions in HTML format.
  • Actual final exam, with and without solutions, in PDF format.


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