Research: I am broadly interested in the geometry, topology, and combinatorial structure of algebraic varieties and their moduli spaces. My research includes foundational work on relations between algebraic geometry, tropical geometry, and nonarchimedean analytic geometry, as well as applications to moduli spaces of curves, motivic integration, vector bundles and K-theory, and polyhedral combinatorics.

My preprints are available on the arXiv and Google Scholar.

Slides and videos from selected talks.

Information on letters of recommendation.

I serve on the editorial boards of Manuscripta Mathematica and Selecta Mathematica.

The June 2020 JAVA workshop on moduli of curves and tropical geometry has been postponed, due to Covid-19. If you were interested in JAVA, please consider participating in the Algebraic and Tropical Online Meetings (ATOM), starting June 8, 2020. The programs include an introductory lecture series on topics in tropical geometry and a learning seminar on top weight cohomology of moduli spaces of curves.

My work is partially supported by NSF DMS–1702428.