In spring 2011 I will be teaching 427K-H again. The web page for the course will be available soon. You can find material on the same course which I taught in 2010 here.  The main difference is that we will go back to using the standard text by Boyce and diPrima that is used in the other sections of 427K. This is an honors course. If you are an honors student in the college of natural sciences, you are automatically allowed to enroll.  If you are not an honors student, or are in engineering, it is sometimes possible to enroll by contacting me.

In spring 2011 I am also organizing an advanced undergraduate/beginning graduate student seminar in geometry/topology. The study topic of this seminar will be the classical subject of curves and surfaces. There is material on this course available from Professor Uhlenbeck and at   Please note that this seminar has both a graduate and undergraduate listing.

In spring 2010 I am also organizing a beginning graduate seminar in geometry. The topic of this term is "Classification of Semi-simple Lie algebras and Compact Lie Groups. Further information is available at intro-2010.html.

In Fall 2009, I will be team-directing with Professor Davis a math biology seminar for advanced undergraduates, beginning graduate students and other interested parties. The web information for this is available at  2009mb.html.

In Spring 2009 I will be teaching 427k-H.  The web page for this course is now available here.

In fall 2007 I will be teaching a beginning seminar for first and second year graduate students.   Further information is available here.

spring 2007  I will be teaching 427K-H.  Click here for the homepage of the course.

       In Fall 2006 I taught complex analysis (M361). Click here for the home page of the course.

        In the spring of 2006 I taught the mathematical biology course for the third time.  Click here for information about this course. You may also want to look at material for the courses I taught in 2000 and 2001 below.

Course Material from the past:

        Material   for the Spring 2005 section of 427k is available here.

I was teaching  a course on vector bundles for beginning graduate students, Fall 2004.  Handouts for the course can be found here.

I taught a course on solitons for beginning graduate students Spring 2003.  Information on the  course is now  available
 Below   is information on the mathematics modeling courses in biology that I taught during the Fall of 2000 and  2001  .  This course was taught by Professor Lorenzo Sadun Fall 2002     Fall 2003 Professor Kathy Davis taught it, and she will teach it again in Spring 2005. The plan is to teach it once every year. I also have taught an honors section of 427K as a modeling course.  I have left the information on the web page for those who are interested.  I will probably teach this course again in the near future.

 Course information for the course, Mathematical Modeling in Biology , which was taught for the first time in Fall 2000 is available! It was taught in the Fall of 2001 again as Math 375 (course). Here my course advertisement . To see the home page which will lead you to the other information  (click .

Course information for 427K is also available. This is a course in ordinary differential equations,  and I will taught this course most recently  in Spring 2000 and plan to teqach it again in Spring 2005. We do lots of applications and part of the grade can be determined by a project on a  subject in differential equations of your own choosing.  I particularly encourage students  with an interest in biological modelling to enroll in this section.   We do some computer exercises and use the computer software netmath.