Course Announcement

First Day Handout

Data Sets for Problems from Textbook

Auto Pollution Noise Data

Minitab Instructions (Includes link to Using Minitab on Math Department Computers) Updated with instructions for 2-way and higher ANOVA 2//28/06

Hardness Data (Excel file)


Central Limit Theorem Illustrations

Sampling Distribution Simulation

Notes for First Lecture (January 18)

Review of Basic Statistical Concepts (to be read as part of assignment for Friday, January 20)

More on the Equal Variance Two-Sample t-test (Lecture Notes for whenever they fit in in the week of January 24)

The One-Way ANOVA Model (Lecture notes for Friday, January 27)

Estimating Paramaters and Variance for One-Way ANOVA
(Lecture notes for Mondoay, January 30)

Inference for One-Way ANOVA (Lecture notes for Wednesday, February 1)

Sample Sizes (Lecture notes for Friday, February 3 and/or Monday, February 6)

Inference for Contrasts
(Lecture notes for Monday February 6 and/or Wednesday, February 8.)

Multiple Comparisons (Lecture notes for Wednesday, February 8 and/or Friday, February 10)

Checking Model Assumptions
(Lecture notes for Monday, February 13 and Wednesday, February 15)

Transformations to Achieve Equal Variance (Notes for possibly Friday, February 17 and for Monday, February 20)

Link to More onVariance Stabilizing Transformations

Two-Way Analyis of Variance Models
(Notes for Friday, February 24)

Least Squares Estimates for Two-Way Models (Notes for Monday, February 27)

Analysis of Variance for the Complete Two-Way Model
(Notes for Wednesday, March 1)

More Hypothesis Testing for Two-Way ANOVA
(Notes for Friday, March 3)

Model Building (Notes for possibly Monday, March 6 or more likely Wednesday, March 8)

Unbalanced ANOVA (Notes for Wednesday, March 8 and/or Friday, March 10)

Small Experiments (Notes for Friday, March 10)

Three-Way ANOVA Models
(Notes for Monday, March 20)

Analysis of Balanced Factorial Designs (Notes for Wednesday, March 22)

Randomized Complete Block Designs
(Notes for Friday, March 24 and/or Monday, March 27)

Corrections to notes More Hypothesis Testing for Two-Way Anova (March 3) and Analysis of Balanced Factorial Designs (March 22)

Randomized Complete Block Design Example (March 29 and/or 31)

General Complete Block Design
(March 31)

First page of Random Effects (March 31) (Rest of notes will be posted by Monday)

Random Effects
(Monday, April 3, with lots of details to be filled in in class.)

One Random Effect Model
(Wednesday, April 5)

Fiber Breaking Strength Example (of Two-way Random Model -- week of April 17))

Turbine Example (of Three-way Random Model; for Monday, April 24)

Random Blocks (Notes for Wednesday, April 26 or Friday, April 28)

Mixed Effects Example
(for Friday, April 28)

Nested Factors (for Friday, April 28 or Monday, May 1)

Split Plot Designs (for Monday, May 1 or Wednesday, May 3)

Analysis of Split Plot Experiments (For Wednesday, May 3)

More on Split Plots (For Friday, May 5)