* Who am I?

I am a professor at the Dept. of Mathematics of the University of Texas at Austin.
* Contact Info:
My e-mail address is sadun@math.utexas.edu, my office is in PMA 9.114, and my office phone number is (512) 471-7121.  I hope to have physical office hours again someday. In the meantime, shoot me an email and we can arrange to meet via Zoom.
* Preprints and Vita:
You can see my cv and a publication list (with pointers to available preprints).
* Fall 2016 Courses
M408N: Differential Calculus for Scientists
M408R: Calculus for Biologists

Past Courses Since 2000:

Courses since 2016 all live on Canvas and don't have their own webpages.
S'16 M408D: Integral Calculus
S'16 M382D: Differential Topology
F'15 M408N: Differential Calculus for Scientists
F'15 M408M: Multivariable Calculus

F'14 M408R: Calculus for Biologists
F'14 M392C: Lie Groups

F'13 M408M: Multivariable Calculus
F'13 M346: Applied Linear Algebra

S'13 M408S: Integral Calculus

F'12 M408N: Differential Calculus
F'12 M392C: Lie groups

S'12 M340L-CS: Matrices and Matrix Calculations
S'12 M365G: Curves and Surfaces

Fall '11 M408N:

Summer '11 M346

S'11 M346

F'10 Dean's Scholars Seminar
F'10 M362K
F'10 Algebraic topology

S'10 M340L

F'09 M346
F'09 Algebraic topology

S'09 M346
S'09 Differential topology

S'08 M427K
S'08 M367K

F'06 M408M

S'06 M408L
S'06 Lie Groups

F'05 M346 Applied Linear Algebra
F'05 M408L Integral Calculus

Spring '05 M408K Calculus

F'04 M346 Applied Linear Algebra
F'04 M392C Algebraic Topology

S'04 M362K Probability
S'04 M382D Graduate Topology

F'03 M346 Applied Linear Algebra
F'03 M408K Calculus

S'03 M340L Linear Algebra
S'03 M328K Number Theory

F'02 M408D Calculus
F'02 M375 Mathematical Modeling for Biologists

S'02 M403K Business Calculus
S'02 M362K Probability

F '01 M 358K Statistics
F '01 M382C  Graduate Topology

S '01 Probability (M362K)

F'00 Business Calculus (M403K)
F'00 Applied Linear Algebra (M346)

* Apprentices, human and otherwise:

At present I do not have any PhD students, but I do have an apprentice dragon named Brimstone.  He wants to study tilings, but hasn't yet passed his prelims.  If you want to avoid incineration, it's best not to remind him of this fact. I also have an apprentice raccoon named Rocky. Raccoons have opposable thumbs, so he can write, which should help him with prelims.

My most recently graduated students are Bill Kalahurka and Betseygail Rand, who did their work on related problems involving the topology of tiling spaces. Betseygail currently on the faculty of Texas Lutheran University, and Bill is starting at Huston-Tillotson.

My previous student was Dorothy Buck, currently on the faculty of Imperial College in London, UK. Her thesis was "The Topology and Geometry of DNA and DNA-Protein Interactions", and she graduated in May, 2001. My other recent Ph.D student is Jean Marie Linhart. She wrote a thesis on "Applications of the Adiabatic Limit" and graduated in May, 1999.  She now works at Stata Corporation.

* Photo gallery

*   Politics, religion, and other subjects to be avoided:
I've written several op-ed columns for the Austin American Statesman:

       My first column was on the disputed 2000 presidential election and ran on December 1, 2001.

       Here's one on the electoral college that they didn't use (written 12/2000)

       And one on the estate tax that they didn't use (written 4/2001)

       And a letter to the editor on U.S. policies that appeared on September 30, 2001

       And a column on my father's coming to the USA in 1939, on the freedoms he found here, and how we are allowing those freedoms to slip.  It appeared in the Statesman on Saturday, December 10, 2001.

       A column on Israel and the Palestinians, that appeared on Monday, April 22, 2002.  This was in the middle of "Operation Defensive Shield", when Israel sent military into the West Bank in response to a spate of terror bombing.

       A column on war powers that appeared in the Statesman on September 25, 2002, shortly after President Bush asked for authorization to invade Iraq. 

       A column on taxes, that appeared on April 14, 2003.

       A column on the Texas pledge of allegiance, that appeared on Saturday, August 30, 2003.  Here is a letter, on the same subject, that I sent to the principal of my children's elementary school.

       A column on redistricting, that appeared in August 2004, in the middle of my write-in campaign for Congress.

I've also written some columns, joint with Rabbi Kerry Baker, for the Austin Jewish Outlook:

       A column on Jewish education

       A column on "post-denominational Judaism".

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