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First Day Handout

Data Sets for Problems from Textbook

Review of Basic Statistics Concepts



Using Minitab in Math Department Computer Labs

Randomization on Minitab

One-Way ANOVA on Minitab

Two-Way (and higher) Analysis of Variance on Minitab

Auto Pollution Noise Data

Hardness Data (Excel file; for Randomized Complete Block Design example)

Loom Data  (Excel file; for One Random Effect example)

Fiber Breaking Strength Data (Excel file; for Two Random Effects example)

Turbine Data (Excel file; for Three Random Effects example)

Wood Data (Excel file; for Split Plot Design example)

Simulations, etc.

Confidence Interval Simulation

Another Confidence Interval Simulation

Still Another Confidence Interval Simulation

Central Limit Theorem Illustrations

Sampling Distribution Simulation

Statistical Applets

Multiple testing demo

Lecture Notes (pdf files unless noted otherwise)

 First Class Day Notes (6 pages) Slides (16 on 8 pages)

More on the Equal-Variance Two-Sample t-Test (Depending on how discussion of the homework Friday Jan. 23 goes, we will start this Friday or Monday, Jan. 26. We will not cover Part III in class; that will be optional reading.)    Notes (4 pages) Slides (9 on 5 pages)

One-Way Analysis of Variance Model (might start Mon. Jan. 26; if not,  Wed. Jan. 28. Will start Fri. Jan. 30) Notes (3 pages) Slides (6 on 3)

Estimating Parameters and Variance for One-Way ANOVA (Mon. Feb. 2)  Notes (4 pages) Slides (10 on 5 pages)

Inference for One-Way ANOVA (Wed. Feb. 4) Notes (3 pages) Slides (7 on 4)

Choosing Sample Size (Mon. Feb. 9) Notes (3 pages) Slides (9 on 5)

Inference for Contrasts (Wed. Feb. 11) Notes (4 pages) Slides (10 on 5)

Multiple Comparisons (Fri, Feb. 13 and Mon. Feb. 16) Notes (4 pages ) Slides (14 on 7) (Note: If you wish more detail on this subject, I suggest Brian Habring's notes Contrasts and Multiple Comparisons

Sample Sizes from Confidence Intervals (Mon. Feb. 16 or Wed. Feb. 18) Notes ( 1 page) Slides (3 on 2)

More on Hsu's method (Wed. Feb. 18) Slide (one page)

Model Checking (Wed. Feb. 18 and Fri. Feb. 20) Lecture notes (5 pages) Slides (17 on 9)

Transformations to Obtain Equal Variance (Mon. Feb. 23 and Wed. Feb. 25) Lecture notes (4 pp.) Slides (15 on 8)

Two-Way Anallysis of Variance Model (Fri. Feb. 27 and Mon. Mar. 2) Notes (4 pp.) Slides (9 on 5)

Least Squares Estimates for Two-Way Models (Wed. Mar. 4 and Fri. Mar. 6) Notes (3 pp) Slides (10 on 5)

Analysis of Variance for the Complete Two-Way Model (Fri. Mar. 6 and Mon. Mar. 8) Notes (4 pp) Slides  (13 on 7)

More Hypothesis Testing for Two-Way ANOVA (Wed. Mar. 11) Notes (4 pp.) Slides (15 on 8)

Model Building (Maybe Friday, March 13; if not, Monday, March 23) Notes (2 pp.) Slides (4 on 2)

Unbalanced Designs (We might start this Monday, March 23, but will definitely use these Wed. March 25) Notes (4 pp) Slides (13 on 7)

Small Experiments (Friday, March 27) Notes (1 page) Slides (4 on 2)

Three-Way ANOVA Models  (We may start this Friday, March 27 and continue Monday, March 30) Notes  (6 pp) Slides (13 on 7)

Analysis of Balanced Factorial Designs (to start Wednesday, April 1 -- no fooling!)  Notes (4 pp) Slides (12 on 6)

Randomized Complete Block Designs (Monday, April 6) Notes (4  pp) Slides (15 on 8 )

Randomized Complete Block Design Example (We might start this Mon., April 6, but will mainly go over it Wed. April 8) Notes (4  pp) Slides (11 on 6 )

Generalized Complete Block Designs (Friday, April 10) Notes (5 pages) Slides (11 on 6)

Random Effects (Monday, April 13) Notes (7 pages) Slides (21 on 11)

Tests for Variance Components (Friday, April 17) Notes ( 1 page)  Slides (3 on 2)

Confidence Intervals for Variance Components (We might start these Friday, April 17, but should definitely use them Monday, April 20) Notes (3 pp.) Slides (8 on 4)

More than One Random Effect (Mon. April 20) Notes (4 pages) Slides (14 on 7)

Estimating Variance Components for Random Effects Notes (2 pages) Slides (6 on 3)

Approximate F-tests (Monday, April 27) Notes  (2 pp) Slides (Note: This  is supposed to be 5 slides on 3 pages, but it seems to download as one slide per page. You may be able to print two to a page by using the settings in your printer.)

Mixed Models (Maybe Monday, April 27) Notes (3 pp.) Slides (11 on 6)

More On Mixed Models (We'll start this Wed. April 29) Notes (6 pp.) Slides (12 on 6)

Nested Factors (We may start this Fri., May 1) Notes (4 pp) Slides ( 11 on 6)

Split Plot Designs (Wed. May 6 and Fri. May 8) Notes (8 pp.) Slides (21 on 11)

More Slides for Split Plot Design Example
(Fri. May 8) (3 on 2 pp.)