MAT 202: Section C04D

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Supplementary readings

This secion is now by default examinable. The non-examinable parts are marked by asterisks. I will post additional computations related to the course material here.

Lecture 07/02: Fredholm alternative + *Dirichlet boundary problem*

Lecture 12/02: Trace + another reflection example + *some quantum mechanics*

Lecture 14/02: *Left and right inverses + Moore-Penrose pseudoinverse*

Lecture 28/02: More change of basis + Jordan normal form in 2D

Lecture 06/03: Slides for QR decomposition (good review of Sections 5.2--5.4)

Lecture 09/03: Midterm review 1

Lecture 20/03: The make-up midterm from this year

Lecture 30/03: Determinants via multilinear algebra + *Volume + Cayley-Hamilton theorem*

Lecture 01/04: Cofactor expansion: Harder calculations + Adjugate matrix

Lectures 06/04 -- 10/04: Lecture Notes for Chapter 7

Lectures 20/04 -- 24/04: Lecture Notes for Chapter 8