Saad Slaoui

Photo of myself

Office: PMA 11.156 (during normal times!)

Email: slaouis at utexas dot edu

You can download my CV here

Interests blurb

Hello! I am currently a third year PhD student at UT Austin, working with David Ben-Zvi. My interests include algebraic geometry (especially aspects/incarnations that are approachable via homotopical methods and/or reminiscent of algebraic topology) and geometric representation theory. I am also curious about topological/algebraic K-theory, and about the framework/language of (topological) quantum field theory, especially when employed to clarify situations/phenomena in geometry and representation theory, or vice-versa.

Some past projects

Topological K-theory and some of its applications

(Masters thesis at the University of Pennsylvania written in Spring 2019 under the supervision of Mona Merling.)

The Pontrjagin-Thom isomorphism and computation of the stable homotopy groups of the orthogonal Thom spectrum

(REU project at the University of Chicago written in Summer 2018 under the supervision of Peter May and Colin Aitken.)

A primer on sheaf theory and sheaf cohomology

(Reading course project written at the University of Oxford in Trinity term 2018 under the supervision of André Henriques.)

Miscellaneous notes I have written

Introduction to Varieties and Schemes, or Grothendieck's Paradise

(Lecture notes for a summer mini-course co-organized by Desmond Coles and myself.)

Prelude to the geometric Satake equivalence

(Lecture notes prepared for a summer mini-course co-organized by Alberto San Miguel Malaney and myself. Recordings are also available here.)

Complex geometry in a nutshell

Tensor products of functors

The Brown representability theorem, old and new (written with Mark Macerato)

The Thom isomorphism theorem

Side Projects

Récoltes et Semailles in English

Long-term translation project, joint with Jackson Van Dyke, aiming to make Alexander Grothendieck's autobiography Récoltes et Semailles available to the English speaking world (work in progress).

Today, I learned... (inspired by my friend Tom Gannon)

Semi-regular mathematical log in which I aim to collect germs of mathematical ideas that left an impression on me on any given day.

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