M408M Learning Module Pages

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Chapter 10: Parametric Equations and Polar Coordinates
Chapter 12: Vectors and the Geometry of Space
Chapter 13: Vector Functions
Chapter 14: Partial Derivatives

Learning module LM 14.1: Functions of 2 or 3 variables:

      Functions of several variables
      Level curves
      Limits and continuity

Learning module LM 14.3: Partial derivatives:

      6 pillars of calculus (revisited)
      Geometry of partial derivatives
      Higher partial derivatives

Learning module LM 14.4: Tangent planes and linear approximations:

      Tangent planes
      Quadratic approximations and concavity

Learning module LM 14.5: Differentiability and the chain rule:

      Chain rule
      General chain rule
      Worked problems

Learning module LM 14.6: Gradients and directional derivatives:

      Gradients and hill climbing
      Wind and weather
      Directional derivatives
      Worked problems

Learning module LM 14.7: Local maxima and minima:

      Maxima, minima and critical points
      Classifying critical points
      Example problems
      Linear regression

Learning module LM 14.8: Absolute maxima and Lagrange multipliers:

      Absolute maxima
      Lagrange multipliers I
      Lagrange multipliers II
Chapter 15: Multiple Integrals

Chapter 14: Partial derivatives