Learning seminar on p-adic automorphic forms

This is the website for the student learning seminar on p-adic automorphic forms in Fall 2020. The syllabus can be found here.

Meeting time: Tuesdays 15:30--17:30

Zoom ID: 942 7112 8461; Password: Constant term of j-invariant

(Update:Recordings have been hidden for the privacy of the speakers)

Talk 0: Organizational meeting (Leo, 15/09)

Talk 1: Hida theory I (Gyujin, 22/09) Notes Recording

Talk 2: Hida theory II (Marco, 29/09) Notes Recording

Talk 3: Coleman family (Leo, 06/10) Notes Recording

Talk 4: Geometric background (Gyujin, 13/10) Notes Recording

Talk 5: AIP I (Weibo, 20/10) Notes Recording

Talk 6: Triple product (Leo, 27/10) Notes Recording

Talk 7: AIP II (Jack, 03/11) Notes Recording

Talk 8: Automorphic background (Linus 10/11) Notes Recording Appendix

Talk 9: Special introductory lecture (Chris Skinner 17/11) Recording

Thanksgiving week: No talk

Talk 10: Higher Hida theory I (Gyujin, 01/12) Notes Recording 1 Recording 2

Talk 11: Higher Hida theory II (Gyujin, 08/12) See above

Talk 12: Higher Hida theory III (Leo, 15/12) Notes Recording