List of talks

Oct 2023Geometry and representation theory seminar: Introduction to local harmonic analysis
Aug 2022ICTS program on elliptic curves and the special values of L-functions: Weight interlacing and Iwasawa theory
Jul 2022Special program on p-adic L-functions and eigenvarieties at Notre Dame: Diagonal cycle on the product of unitary groups
Apr 2022Columbia automorphic forms and arithmetic seminar: Big diagonal cycles for unitary groups
Mar 2022Mathematical physics learning seminar: Introduction to quantum field theory
Oct 2021UCSB geometry and arithmetics seminar: Iwasawa theory in the Gan-Gross-Prasad setting
Oct 2021Caltech number theory seminar: (as above)
Oct 2021Moduli of Langlands parameters learning seminar: Review of local representation theory
Jan 2021Number theory tea: Rohrlich's non-vanishing theorem
Dec 2020p-adic autnomorphic forms learning seminar, more: Higher Hida theory
Oct 2020p-adic automorphic forms learning seminar, again: Triple product p-adic L-functions
Oct 2020p-adic automorphic forms learning seminar: Coleman family and the eigencurve
Sep 2020Number theory tea: Transfer principle for the fundamental lemma
May 2020Drinfeld-Lafforgue-Lafforgue seminar, again: Converse theorem and the global Langlands correspondence for function fields
Feb 2020Drinfeld-Lafforgue-Lafforgue seminar: Automorphic forms on function fields
Dec 2019Theta correspondence learning seminar: Non-vanishing of global theta lifts and L-functions
Sep 2019Graduate student seminar: Hilbert's tenth problem
May 2019Algebraic number theory working seminar, again: Two variable Iwasawa main conjecture
Feb 2019Algebraic number theory working seminar: Class groups and Galois cohomology
Oct 2018Algebraic number theory working seminar: Preparations for the Iwasawa main conjecture
Feb 2018Graduate student seminar: Norms of singular moduli
Jan 2016Churchill College compsci talk series: Lenstra's elliptic curve factorization method

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